Pond Supplies

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Keller Material is now a Pro Distributor for Aquascape ®

Aquascape Water Garden Supplies

Pond Filtration

Signature Series™
Skimmer 6.0

Signature Series™ BioFalls® Filter 2500
Waterfall Spillway

Installation Tools

Black Waterfall Foam - 16 oz.

Liner Patch

Liner Patch

Christy's Red Hot Blue Glue

Liner Patch


Liners & Underlayment

3'x3' Heavy Duty Underlayment

10'x10' Pond & Stream Boxed Liner

12'x15' Pond & Stream Boxed Liner

15'x20' Pond & Stream Boxed Liner

150' Square Foot Underlayment




Pipes & Hoses

Flexible PVC Piping 1.5" x 25'

Flexible PVC Piping 2" x 25'



AquaSurge® PRO 2000-4000 Pump



Small Pondless® Waterfall Kit w/ 6' Stream


Swirly Vase Fountain Kit
Stacked Slate Urn Mini Kit
Round Pebble Fountain Kit
Bubbling Fountain Stone Kit
Black River Pebbles


LED Fountain Accent Light
(12 volt)

LED Fountain Accent Light
(12 volt) with Transformer

6 Way Splitter
(for 12volt lighting)

Aquascape LED Pond and Landscape Spotlight Kit 3-Watt