Athletic Field Supplies

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Screened Red Sand and Clay

Texas' best all-purpose red sand and clay. Bright red with no hard lumps to break up.

Player's Choice Path Mix

Custom blend of multiple materials to give you a harder, safer playing area. Blended especially for South Central Texas field conditions.

Ready Play Additive

An additive which can save large percentages of water use and will tighten up existing fields. Major league tested and approved.

Pitcher's Mound/Home Plate Mix

Used for high-wear areas like pitching mounds and home plate. Great packing, durability and safety properties.

Baseball Special Mix

Dark like the Multi-Chem mix. Gets hard fast and has conditioner mixed in so you can play on it quicker after a rain.

Quickstart Base Path Mix

Texas' best Screened Red Sand and Clay with screeded conditioner already premixed for areas with rain delay concern. Faster drying time.

Path Pro Conditioner Maroon

Field conditioner that absorbs water. Nice, crunchy feel - easy to slide on. Maroon in color.

Path Pro Conditioner Red

Same great qualities as Path Pro Conditioner Maroon, now available in a bright red color.

Plus 5 Line Marker

White marble dust, fine ground for athletic fields. Sold conveniently in 50 lb. bags. The official marker of the National Federation of State High School Associations.

Field Dry

Absorbent material great for drying up areas of standing water. Sold in 50 lb. bags.

White Washed Sand

Clean, sterile top dressing sand. Also excellent for Long Jump pits and outdoor volleyball courts.

Decomposed Granite

Great for warning tracks, coaches boxes and dugout enterances. Drains well and gives a visual border.

Red Dog Track Cinder

Great for jogging paths and running tracks

Planting Mix

Very successful for reconditioning grassy areas on baseball, football or soccer fields